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【满满干货】SEAL SFA连续流动分析仪相关文献汇总(2)

前 言连续流动分析仪在水、海水、废水、土壤和植物、烟草、肥料、红酒及食品行业应用广泛,相关文献报道数量较多。本文分类整理了SEALSFA连续流动分析仪在不同行业的部分典型应用,并列出了各文献中使用SEALSFA的具体应用参数。如需全文,可与我们联系。 海水1. Phosphorusasadriverofnitrogenlimitationandsustainedeutrophiccondi

前    言

连续流动分析仪在水、海水、废水、土壤和植物、烟草、肥料、红酒及食品行业应用广泛,相关文献报道数量较多。本文分类整理了SEAL SFA连续流动分析仪在不同行业的部分典型应用,并列出了各文献中使用SEAL SFA的具体应用参数。如需全文,可与我们联系。




1.    Phosphorusas a driver of nitrogen limitation and sustained eutrophic conditions in Bolinao and Anda, Philippines, a mariculture-impacted tropical coastal area

Marine Pollution Bulletin, 105 (1),2016, 237-248

Charissa M. Ferrera,Atsushi Watanabe, et al.

[应用:QuAAtro- 海水中营养盐:氨氮、硝酸盐、亚硝酸盐、磷酸盐、总溶解氮、总溶解磷]


2.    Impacts of low phytoplankton NO3-:PO43-utilization ratios over the Chukchi Shelf, Arctic Ocean

Deep-Sea Res. II (2015)

Matthew M. Mills,Zachary W. Brown, et al.

[应用:AA3- 海水中营养盐:氨氮、硝酸盐+亚硝酸盐、磷酸盐]


3.    Determination of nitrate plus nitrite in small volume marine water samples using vanadium(III) chloride as a reduction agent

Marine Chemistry, 160 (2014) 91-98

Bernhard Schnetger,Carola Lehners

[应用:QuAAtro- 海水中硝酸盐]


4.    Impact of open-ocean convection on nutrients, phytoplankton biomass andactivity

Deep-Sea Research I 94 (2014) 62–71

Severin, P.Conan, etal.

[应用:AA3- 海水中硅酸盐、硝酸盐、亚硝酸盐和磷酸盐]


5.    The stabilisation and transportation of dissolved iron from high temperature hydrothermal vent systems

Earth and Planetary Science Letters375 (2013) 280–290

A.Hawkes,D.P.Connelly, et al.

[应用:QuAAtro- 海底热液柱磷酸盐和硅酸盐]


6.    Temporal patterns in silica deposition among siliceous plankton during the spring bloomin the Oyashio region

Deep-Sea Research II 57 (2010)1665–1670

Mutsuo Ichinomiya,Yasushi Gomi, Miwa Nakamachi, Takashi Ota, Toru Kobari

[应用:QuAAtro- 海水中硅酸盐]


7.    A re-examination of matrix effects in the segmented-flow analysis ofnutrients in sea and estuarine water

Analytica Chimica Acta 712 (2012)94 100

Stephen Coverly, RogerKérouel, Alain Aminot

[应用:AAII, AA3 HR- 盐效应]


8.    Pasteurization: A reliable method for preservation of nutrient in seawater samples for inter-laboratory and field applications

Marine Chemistry 128-129 (2012)57–63

Anne Daniel, RogerKérouel, Alain Aminot

[应用:AA3- 海水中氨氮、硝酸盐、亚硝酸盐、磷酸盐和硅酸盐]


9.    Temporal patterns in silica deposition among siliceous plankton duringthe spring bloom in the Oyashio region

Deep-Sea Research II 57 (2010)1665–1670

Mutsuo Ichinomiya,Yasushi Gomi, et al.

[应用:QuAAtro- 海水中营养盐]


10. 连续流动分析法测定海水中磷酸盐

化学工程师, 2009 (07): 51-52


[应用:AA3 海水中磷酸盐]



1.    Leaching behaviour of copper slag, construction and demolition waste and crushed rock used in a full-scale road construction

Journal of EnvironmentalManagement 204 (2017) 695-703

Sofia Lidelöw, Josef Mácsik, Ivan Carabante, JurateKumpiene

[应用:QuAAtro- 铜矿渣中硫酸根]


2.    Fed-batch cultivation of Desmodesmus sp. in anaerobic digestion wastewater for improved nutrient removal and biodiesel production

Bioresource Technology 184 (2015)116122

Fang Ji, Yuguang Zhou,Aiping Pang, et al.

[应用:AA3- 猪场废水厌氧消化液中硝酸盐]


3.    Spatiotemporal and species variations in prokaryotic communities associated with sediments from surface-flow constructed wetlands for treating swine wastewater

Chemosphere, Volume 185, October 2017, Pages1-10

Fen Jia, Cui Lai,Liang Chen, et al.

[应用:AA3- 猪废沉积物中营养盐:氨氮、硝态氮和亚硝态氮]

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